Associate Professor Terence Bowles

Terence Bowles is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. He was a teacher before beginning a career as a registered practitioner in Educational, Developmental and Clinical Psychologist. At the completion of his PhD he began a career as an academic. He is the author of over 50 peer reviewed papers. His university teaching and research programs focus on motivation, achievement, communication, learning and relationships.

Jennifer Flight
Jennifer Flight is a Reading Recovery Trainer for the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery, in Winnipeg, Canada. She has experience as an early years classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, and teacher leader. Her research interests are in the area of English language development of English language learners through reading and writing experiences. More Information
Professor Janet S. Gaffney
Janet S. Gaffney is Professor of Educational Psychology-Literacy and Director of the Marie Clay Research Centre in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland. Jan’s research on literacy learning and teaching, and teacher leadership has led to the development of collaborative and innovative teacher leaders and teachers who view children’s learning as the centripetal force that drives their thinking and actions. More Information
Dr Sinéad Harmey
Sinéad Harmey is a Reading Recovery National Leader and Lecturer in Literacy Education based at Reading Recovery Europe which is part of the International Literacy Centre at the UCL Institute of Education. Her research interests include describing young children’s literacy development (particularly in writing), early literacy assessment and intervention, and teacher professional development. More Information

Dr. Betsy Kaye

Dr. Betsy Kaye is an Associate Professor in the Department of Reading at Texas Woman’s University where she serves as a Reading Recovery trainer and teaches undergraduate and graduate students. She has been involved with Reading Recovery for 30 years and has also been a fifth grade classroom teacher and a special education teacher. Betsy has published several articles about literacy teaching and assessment in journals such as The Journal of Reading Recovery and The Reading Teacher.

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Dr Rae Si’ilata
Rae Si‘ilata (Ngāti Raukawa, Tūhourangi, Fiji) is a lecturer in Biliteracy-Pasifika at the Faculty of Education and Social Work, at The University of Auckland, and a project director of two Ministry of Education professional learning and development (PLD) projects focused on supporting bilingual teaching practices with Pasifika learners. Her areas of interest include bilingualism, second language acquisition, translanguaging, biliteracy development and identity mixedness.
Associate Professor Janet Scull
A/Prof Janet Scull’s research interests focus on the areas of language and literacy acquisition, literacy teaching and assessment and practices that support the continuity of children’s literacy learning across early childhood settings and the early years of schooling. Her most recent work has been in the area of early writing and in the examination the classroom discourse patterns to support early literacy and learning.More Information