Associate Professor Janet Scull

A/Prof Janet Scull’s research interests focus on the areas of language and literacy acquisition, literacy teaching and assessment and practices that support the continuity of children’s literacy learning across early childhood settings and the early years of schooling. Her most recent work has been in the area of early writing and in the examination the classroom discourse patterns to support early literacy and learning.  Janet has also contributed to the design and evaluation of approaches to literacy teaching, for students from a range of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Janet’s research also includes an investigation into the language and literacy learning outcomes experienced by young children participating in a Karen-English bilingual education program. She is currently engaged in three separate projects to support Indigenous students’ literacy learning, one investigating the implementation of the Abecedarian Approach Australia – 3A, incorporating local cultural and educational practices with children aged 0-3, the second project involves the implementation of the Literacy Acquisition for Pre-primary Students program (LAPS) with a focus on enhancing literacy teaching practice in the early years of schooling, and the third Building Babies Brains (B3) aims to improve parenting for children aged 0-3, to address the developmental vulnerability of children in the Kimberley. Janet has also currently investigating school connectedness and its centrality to early learning, exploring the link between Reading Recovery and similar interventions that form the foundation of connection to school and rich learning experiences. Presently, Janet is Associate Dean, Education at Monash University.

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